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President of LMZ Group Visit JK Sucralose Inc.

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2010-11-10

Ma Chao mei, Chairman of LMZ Group, and Lin Zuanhuang, President of the same Group, made a visit to JK Sucralose Inc. in the afternoon of October 25.
Over the past two years, JK Sucralose Inc. has made outstanding achievements under the leadership of the management team and, in particular, greatly improved the enterprise product image after winning 337 Investigation Case in the United States. JK Sucralose Inc. started the construction of Phase II project shortly after its Phase I project was put into production and in July successfully brought Phase II project into operation. JK Sucralose Inc. earned total foreign exchange of USD ten million through export and paid total taxes of RMB ten million in the last year and it is anticipated that JK Sucralose Inc. will pay total taxes of over RMB thirteen million this year. JK Sucralose Inc. has made a positive contribution to local economic development. In the future, Sheyang County will give full play to the leading role of JK Sucralose Inc. in the development of industry projects of the whole county. Sheyang County lately applied to local municipal government for upgrading the county-level food industrial park to be Yancheng Biological Food Technology Park and the municipal government approved the application at noon on October 25 by issuing an official document, meaning that the first demonstrative project that centers on Phases I, II, III, and IV projects of JK Sucralose Inc. will have a better future. Sheyang County will make good preparations for the commencement of Phase III project without losing any time to try to start the construction of the project before January 1, 2011 and make it a gift for the New Year's Day of 2011.
Ma Chao mei and Lin Zuanhuang visited the workshops of Phase II project of JK Sucralose Inc. and the site planned for the construction of Phase III project and expressed their satisfaction with the successful operation of Phases I and II projects as well as the natural conditions and infrastructure of the area planned for the construction of Phase III project. The investment environment of Sheyang County was highly praised by them for its contribution to the expansion and the increase in the competitive strength of the Group and local economic development.
Phase III project of JK Sucralose Inc. is designed and planned to cover an area of 500 mu, to be invested with RMB1.2 billion, and to have a yearly capacity of 4,000 tons.


             President Ma visit JK  Plant


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