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General Manager AN Lijun is invited to participate in the shooting of Smart and Fortune Elites – a program of CCTV Cultural Channel

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-05-04

On May 4, 2011, AN Lijun, General Manager of JK Sucralose Inc., was invited to participate in the shooting of Smart and Fortune Elites – a program of CCTV Cultural Channel.
On the shooting scene, General Manager AN Lijun shared the stories of JK with the host and audience: JK changed its investment concept and took the initiative to participate in the ITC-337 investigation in the U. S. in the capacity of a non-defendant, becoming the first company taking the initiative to take part in the ITC-337 investigation and being recognized as an enterprise non-infringement in the history of intellectual property rights in both China and the U.S.. JK rapidly developed into the largest professional sucralose manufacturer in China and the second largest in the world over a short period time, after won the lawsuit in two years time. In addition, general manager AN Lijun briefed the audience on the advantages and application scopes of sucralose, and invited several audiences to taste drinks that containing sucralose products on site and talk about their feelings.
Ma Junming, another guest on the shooting site, who is president of Beijing Palace Calligraphy and Painting Academy and director of Beijing Calligraphers Association, also talked about his feelings after listening to general manager AN Lijun’s briefing, and wrote eight seal-script Chinese characters namely De Cheng Xing Ye, Ke Xian Zhu Jin (meaning virtue and good faith make an enterprise prosperous while science and excellence create fortunes), as a gift for general manager AN Lijun. Fortune and wisdom insight hero and analects demonstrate morality and justice. JK Sucralose hopes to, via its own success stories, help more enterprises understand the importance of changes in investment concept and innovative development.
As a new program of CCTV, each issue of Smart and Fortune Elites features one business elite and an all-dimensional exchange and interaction system of the host, famous calligraphers and the audience, in a bid to explore successful cases based on the marriage of fortune and wisdom from different perspectives and aspects, share the appeal and creative wisdom of the honored guests and discover the Chinese-culture factors of ever-growing enterprises. The program is aimed at “shining fortune, sharing wisdom and contributing to the continuation, rejuvenation and development of Chinese culture!”