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JK Sucralose, the revolutionary leader of Chinese Sucralose industry

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.     Update Time:2013-12-06

JK Sucralose, perfection in every grain
As the world’s second-largest manufacturer of sucralose, JK Sucralose is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the current demand for great-tasting sweetener blends that reduce overall sweetener costs, without compromising on sugar taste.


In case to match the rapidly expanding of sucralose market globally, Jinshan WU, the founder of JK Sucralose Inc., has been working on a series technical innovation projects, the implementation of such project will ensure JK has gain the sustainable development, and to maintain the competitiveness in the global market.


JK’s technology innovations
JK Sucralose is the world’s second-largest sucralose manufacturer and the most dedicated, with only one product − JK Sweet sucralose. Over the years, JK has the passion to promote the move of sucralose from high-end luxury sweetener into mainstream affordable sweetener, in order to live up to the purpose of ‘Sweet solution for a healthy life’. To achieve this, JK has been dedicating itself into the technology innovations of sucralose product, and successfully applied for a number of patents of invention.


With designed long-term capacity of 4000MT, JK has already launched the new plant expansion project with a total investment of hundred million dollars, which will cover the land about 0.6 million square meters. On the completion of the project, JK will announce the true revolution of Chinese sucralose production.


JK’s expansion project will not just simply duplicate the small-scale production line, but instead, will upgrade into two production lines with single capacity of 2000MT, moreover, the supporting facility are also designed for produce necessary raw materials of sucralose. Meanwhile, an annual capacity below 500MT of the other current sucralose manufacturer will be not satisfy the growing market demand. However, the commissioning of JK’s new plant will change the pattern of global sucralose industry; thus, JK will become the world’s largest sucralose manufacturers and suppliers.


A sweet solution for a healthy life
JK Sucralose is now one of the most popular and widely recognised brands among the world’s leading food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies.


Nowadays, over 50% of the total Chinese sucralose is produced and sold by JK. With the 4,000t expansion project, JK Sucralose is confident that it can successfully collaborate with it s global customers to achieve a sustainable development in pursuit of a ‘Sweet solution for a healthy life’.