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Protect Intellectual Property Right, Encourage Innovative Development

Author:JK Sucralose Inc.    Update Time:2011-04-15

World Intellectual Property Day is held annually on April 26, which was established to raise awareness of respecting knowledge, advocating science and protecting intellectual property right, and foster a legal environment that encourages knowledge and protects intellectual property right. On the eve of World Intellectual Property Day this year, a special topic named “Patent Growth of China Archives” was organized by Dialogue – a program of CCTV-2. The topic is to discuss the history of how Chinese enterprises deal with the lawsuits of intellectual property right. An Lijun, general manager of JK Sucralose Inc., was invited to participate in this topic discussion as a honored guest.

World Intellectual Property Day is held annually on April 26 since 2001, which was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). On April 26, 1970, the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization entered into force, marking the official establishment of WIPO. In October 2000, a proposal of designating World Intellectual Property Day submitted by China and Algeria was passed in the 35th Assembly of WIPO Member States, which decided to designate April 26 as the annual World Intellectual Property Day.

Each World Intellectual Property Day features a theme determined by WIPO. This year’s themed is “Designing the Future”, is aim to discuss WIPO’s responsibilities for the society and its roles in creating future innovations. General Manager An Lijun ardently discussed with other guests in the program about the difficulties and methods of Chinese enterprises are facing in dealing with the lawsuits of intellectual property right. He also shared the story of how JK applied the investment concept of “preventive actions mean an investment, and remedial actions mean expenses” in the U.S. ITC-337 Investigation, and did a good strategic portfolio in combine market development and legal actions so as to guarantee its winnings of both lawsuit and market share, and leverage the concept of innovation to create a sustainable development for the enterprise.