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JK Sucralose Inc. Corporate Governance
  • AN Lijun

    Board Director,General Manager

    AN Lijun, graduated from Zhangzhou Normal College in 1983, and studied further at Hebei Trade University with majoring in Law, he had even been serving for public institutions for many years and had been managing food additive company for over ten years. He is one of company investors and one of planners and key commander for successful intellectual property lawsuit of US ITC-337 investigation. He was even elected as 12th session Jiangsu Provincial NPC member, and was appointed to act as general manager and company director from August 2007 to July 2013, and appointed to act as company director from August 2013 to November 2016, further re-appointed to act as company director and general manager in December 2016.

  • Hu Jingjing

    Deputy General Manager,General Manager of Sales Center

    Hu Jingjing, graduated from Dalian University of Technology with majoring in bioengineering in 2006, He has global visual field, rich experience in modern marketing and stronger team leadership, as well as has senior industrial experiences and rich experience in management. Since December 2016, He was appointed to act as deputy general manager and general manager of sales center in JK Sucralose Inc.

  • Zha Xianqing

    Director and the Chief Financial Officer

    Zha Xianqing is a director and the Chief Financial Officer. He majored in accounting and graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics in 1999. Having engaged in financial management in the company’s different business sections (industries), he is familiar with modern business management models and experienced in financial management. He has been a director and the Chief Financial Officer in Yancheng JK Sucralose Inc. since Dec. 2017

  • Wang YongQian

    Deputy General Manager and Secretary of Board Chairman

    Wang Yongqian, graduated from Quangxi University of Science and Technology in 2007, with majoring in management science(bachelor and economist title). Since 2014, he was appointed to act as deputy general manager and secretary of board directors in JK Sucralose Inc. from July 2016.