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Greetings! Thank you for visiting the website of JK Sucralose Inc. Since its establishment in 2006, JK has been committed to perfecting our one and only product, sucralose, and providing our customers with the highest quality products and services we can offer. We consistently strive to become the most outstanding professional manufacturer of sucralose in the world. For this reason, in 2007, even as JK was still in its earliest stages of development, it took the initiative to fight the ITC-337 Intellectual Property Lawsuit using 20 million RMB of its own capital, though it was not a named defendant in the case. The trial was concluded as a decisive victory and JK became the first, and only Chinese company to come out victorious in the ITC-337 lawsuit. China’s Intellectual Property Agency named JK’s victory as the No.1 case of the top 10 classic intellectual property cases of 2009. As the Chinese proverbs go:

These ideologies are key points taught in the MBA courses of many prestigious universities as classic strategies when dealing with intellectual property disputes and they are the strategies employed by JK to great success in the ITC-337. During this time, JK was featured on several special reports on CCTV regarding intellectual property rights (segments: "Dialogue", "Economic Half-Hour", "News Column"), as well as Phoenix Satellite TV, Beijing TV, Jiangsu TV, and Xinhua News Agency Internal Reference News Headline. The case was also included in the Jiangsu Provincial Government work report.

Since winning the intellectual property rights suit in 2009, the world's leading food and beverage enterprises have chosen JK Sucralose Inc. as their supplier of choice. JK’s production and sales volume has doubled every year since then, while output and export volume have remained the first in China throughout most of this time.

JK is adept at both protecting itself and therefore, its clients, through its knowledge of the law and constant investments into intellectual property rights. After years of R&D and technological investments, JK holds the most patents of any enterprise within the sucralose industry, already having acquired 20 sucralose core production and technology patents in China as well as 4 such patents internationally. JK remains strong in its focus on lawful intellectual property use and patented processes even though there is widespread unscrupulous intellectual property practices within the industry. In 2008, JK participated in the drafting of the Chinese national sucralose standard, and in 2010, led the way in registering and setting the standard for sucralose within the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. We are currently the only manufacturer certified to produce pharmaceutical grade sucralose and the first enterprise to invest in a state of the art GMP certified manufacturing facility. JK is a trusted global supplier of a multitude of international food and beverage corporations as well as a qualified manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical grade sucralose for many Chinese and international pharmaceutical enterprises.

In order to keep up with growing market demand, our company acquired 600 mu of land in 2017 in order to expand our factory to a total annual output of 4,000 tons. This new factory will reach completion and be ready for production in 2019. At the same time, we have reserved extra land so that we may continue to expand and meet increasing demands as the sucralose market grows year by year.

At JK, we not only provide the highest quality products to our clients, we are also constantly improving our internal systems, structure, and efficiency. Through this nonstop evolution, we have been able to maintain the high quality of our product and safeguard our certifications for over 10 years. Having passed the most stringent system and product certifications, JK continuously ensures that its sucralose is the best in China. Because of these factors, our product has consistently been the product of choice for a multitude of renowned global enterprises.

JK’s mission is to help people enjoy the sweetness in life while guiding healthy consumption and promoting food safety around the world; it is our responsibility to maintain the global supply of our product and provide the best service that a company can offer. Let’s work together to further the development and improvement of the low-sugar and sugar-free industries of the world and create the sweet solutions for a healthy life!

Alex An
CEO of JK Sucralose Inc.

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